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Collect Evidence, Make a Report or Talk with Someone

  1. SAFE Kit
    If you were sexually assaulted within the last several days, it may be possible to collect valuable evidence via a SAFE Kit. SAFE Kits are Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations conducted at hospitals by trained professionals. The collection of a SAFE Kit does not require you to make a police report. Go to the nearest hospital, or call your local police department for more info.
  2. Make a Report
    Holding a perpetrator accountable can be the first step in healing, and may prevent others from being victimized. It's important to remember that, as the victim of a crime, you are in control and can slow or stop the investigation if you wish. However, vital evidence could be lost as time passes. Call 911 or go to your nearest police station to make a report.
  3. Talk to Someone
    Feeling helpless or hopeless and need to talk with someone immediately? Lines for Life is a suicide prevention and substance abuse hotline staffed 24/7. Call them at 1(866)777-6236 or Text 273TALK to 839863. If it's not an emergency but you want to talk or ask advice, you can always call your local police, or reach out to Call to Safety at 1(888)235-5333 or locally at (503)235-5333.
Legal Services
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What we are not

Help them along the path of healing

Men Surviving is not authorized to provide legal services or advise. For such services, please contact your attorney or organizations such as the Oregon Crime Victims Law Center.
  • Listen - It's a major step in the healing process
  • Don't Judge - Even if mistakes were made, show them you care
  • Offer Help - Let them know you're there to support them
  • Care for Yourself - Reliving a victim's trauma can negatively affect you