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Meet The Team

Meet the men and women working to make Men Surviving a valuable national resource.
 Nathan Sheppard
Nathan graduated from Stanford University before joining the United States Army. He served as a Psychological Operations Specialist and was trained as a Chinese (Mandarin) Linguist. Nathan joined the Portland Police Bureau, in Portland, Oregon, in 2006, and currently works as a Detective with the Sex Crimes Unit.
"I'm Detective Nathan Sheppard, of the Portland Police Bureau. We're here to support you. You are NOT alone."
Since becoming a detective, Nathan has worked in the Robbery Detail, Assault Detail, Burglary Detail, and Sex Crimes Unit. He has been part of the Portland Police Honor Guard and is a trained Police Negotiator on the Crisis Negotiation Team.
Susan Lehman
Slavica Jovanovic
Vice President/Treasurer
Susan has worked as a civil employee for the Portland Police Bureau, in Portland, Oregon. She was instrumental in securing national funding to alleviate the region's SAFE Kit backlog, and helped create the SAMS tracking system.
Slavica worked at Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) for 13 years, before joining the Portland Police Bureau as a Victim Assistance Specialist. She's been supporting victims and their investigations for the past 9 years.
Joel Peterson
Interim Board Member
Executive Director
Joel began his career in law as a Deputy District Atrorney for Multnomah County, Oregon. He's a graduate of the Univeristy of Oregon, and was awarded a law degree from Lewis & Clark College. Joel is currently a trial attorney for Allstate.
Serving as a board member for a nonprofit is both challenging and fulfilling. 

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Our Story
Through the course of his investigative career as part of Portland Police Bureau's Sex Crimes Unit, Detective Nathan Sheppard consistently found a number of his victims to be adult men. As with his female victims, Detective Sheppard searched for specialized resources to aid in their mental, physical and emotional recovery, but found the resources to be lacking, or even non-existent.

He was surprised to discover:

  • Nearly 30 men are sexually assaulted in the military every day.

  • It was not until 2013 that the FBI began using a revised definition of rape which did not require the victim to be a woman.

  • In a 2010 survey, 48% of male respondents identified themselves as victims of sexual assault.

Detective Sheppard decided he could do better. The City of Portland could do better. We, as a nation, could do a much better job fostering the physical and mental wellness of male survivors. And thus, Men Surviving was born.​​

Men are sexually assaulted every day, but because our societal perception is that women are the vast majority of victims, there are few resources tailored for adult male survivors. Our goal is to change this by reinforcing available resources and creating what's missing.

Our mission at Men Surviving is to inspire adult male victims of sexual assault to heal and thrive. Our vision is Striving to be a National, then World Leader in the support of men who have been sexually assaulted. Through education and awareness, society can understand the plight of men who are vicitimzed, and together we can make a difference.