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  1. Inspiring Health
    Victimization can have adverse effects on both your mental and emotional health. Although it may not be easy, a level of normalcy can be found. We'll walk with you.
  2. Educating the Public
    Sexual assault, exploitation and violence are often seen as a women's issue, but that's not only a myth, it trivializes men who have been victimized, and marginalizes the numbers.
  3. Advocating
    Men who have been victimized as adults have very few advocates or resources. We're here to give you a voice. It's time to speak up and speak out.
You're Not Alone
Men are vicitmized daily
One of the biggest myths of sexual assault and violence is that it's a women's issue. Men are vicimized daily, and the rate should be alarming.

In the military alone, an estimated 10,800 men are sexually assaulted every year. That's almost thirty men a day. Yet only a fraction of these assaults are reported, often as a restult of the myths and misconceptions pervading our society. 

It wasn't until 2013 that the FBI, one of the nation's major resources for crime statistics, changed the definition of rape from being, "Carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will." By this definition, men could literally not be raped.

In 2010 the CDC helped formulate questions for the 2010 National Intimate Parter and Sexual Violence Survey to be more descriptive. In that survey, 1.27 million woman and 1.26 million men reported being victimized.

Men can be victimized. Men are being victimized. Discover the facts.
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I wasn't 'afraid' to report it - I was ashamed and disgusted. Guys aren't suppose to be raped. I didn't want to tell anyone about it. I didn't want to say anything.
Mike Thompson
Marines, 1997-99
Becoming Whole
Being sexually assaulted isn't something you planned on. What can you do now? What should you do? Having questions is natural, and normal. It's our goal to help you through them.
Healing is a posibility. You can become whole again.
Life after sexual assault may not be easy, but you can acheive a level of normalcy. Here are some resources you may find useful.
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This site is still being organized. For information or suggestions, please contact